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Next in Food Tech

We are ready to rethink food and nutrition. Are you?

Let’s take a closer look at innovations delivering benefits for people’s health, our climate, planet and communities. What technologies will be transforming the future of food? Dive into the newest and juiciest topics that will surely bring you some food for thought.

Food as Medicine

What innovations hold the key to improving consumers’ well-being?

Come with us as we embark on a journey to discover healthy foods that meet the nutritional requirements of consumers. To manage evolving demands, we need revolutionary disruptions at the supply end, and technology is, hands down, our #1 way to achieve that.

Levelling Up Transparency

Radical transparency and renewed consumer trust is underway

Today, more people than ever are interested in mindful consumption. As consumers demand greater transparency, let’s explore how brands can educate consumers, communicate sustainability and win consumer loyalty.

Unlocking Supply Chain Resilience

What is missing in making the food supply chain reliable?

The pandemic has broken the global food supply chain and traditional approaches to ensure a safe food supply to the society don’t work as they used to anymore. Let’s rethink how we build resilience with the help of innovation.

Expanding Beyond Burger
Expanding Beyond Burger

The revolutionary potential of alternative proteins

It’s time to make more room for alternative proteins in the market. As demand for meatless and plant-based products continues to rise, join us while we dive into the technological enhancements improving the taste, texture and affordability of alternative proteins.

Scaling Personalised Nutrition

Get ready. The age of ‘you eat what you are’ is here

Each of us is different. So why is personalised nutrition not achieved on a large scale yet? That’s soon going to change. The industry topped $8.1 billion in 2020 and should more than double to $19.7 billion by 2027. Buckle up as we discover solutions that will impact millions of lives.

Superpowers of Functional Foods
Superpowers of Functional Foods

Going beyond feeding

Driven by consumer demand and investment, the Functional Food market is set to boom. That means that startups will get a chance to lay a solid foundation for the industry to enter the Wellness space. Let’s take a peek at the best solutions ensuring the accessibility of functional foods.

Fighting the Food Waste Battle

Building a food system that is zero-waste and circular by design

The current food system doesn’t work for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t work for the environment. Not only do we produce food in an unsustainable way, but we also waste almost a third of it. Is enough capital flowing in fighting the food waste battle and what are the biggest gaps? We’ll search for answers.

Welcome to Agritech 5.0

Harnessing innovation to build the agriculture of tomorrow

The change in the agriculture industry is imminent, and we are set to have a positive one with the help of emerging technologies and great leadership. Join us as we unveil the latest trends and solutions that will make farming more sustainable, resilient, and productive.

It’s Time to Embrace ESG!

How can we create a sustainable, equitable and low carbon food system?

With close to 8 billion people, this planet has a lot of mouths to feed. As the population keeps on growing, calls are growing louder and more persistent for companies in the food and agriculture industry to responsibly manage environmental, social, and governance issues.

Connecting the Dots on Diversity

Creating a more diverse & inclusive environment

While many food and agriculture companies claim they focus on diversity, there is still a big gap between stated intentions and real-life results. Where do we need to improve and what practical steps can companies take to make a difference? Let’s dig into it!

From Zero to Funded

What are investors looking for in food tech startups?

Want to know where leading food tech investors are placing the highest bets this year? We invited top industry VCs to tell us all about it! Let’s peek at the future of food and explore why now is the best time to invest in Agrifood technologies.