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Food as medicine
Food as Medicine

How to use food science magic to turbocharge your path to wellness?

Good food is the foundation of good health. Evolving eating habits reflect a growing demand for nutraceuticals, crucial not just for health but also for the economy and the environment. Join us to explore the latest scientific wonders that optimise well-being through the power of food.

Alternative Proteins Wonderland
Alternative Proteins Wonderland

Imagine a world where meat is not the main source of protein.

It’s time to make more room for plant-based, cultured, and novel protein technologies in the market! Join the movement towards a more sustainable and diverse protein landscape, where innovation meets deliciousness. Are you ready to taste the future?

Precision fermentation
Precision Fermentation Unleashed

Tiny organisms, big potential.

Travel through time as fermentation evolves into a revolutionary force. The role of fermentation has expanded far beyond its historical usage to a much broader range. Uncover the artistry behind crafting top-tier, sustainable, and nutritionally-rich products through meticulous microbial processes.

Food safety, security & transparency
Levelling Up Safety, Security & Transparency

The secret sauce to optimise operations, ensure food safety, and boost consumer satisfaction.

In the fast-paced food industry, ensuring safety and efficiency is key. Thanks to tech solutions like IoT, businesses can drive efficiency, enhance safety, and boost transparency throughout the supply chain. Discover the technologies that are ensuring a future where every meal is a testament to trust and safety.

Digital from farm to fork
Digital From Farm to Fork

What innovations are shaping the future of food production and consumption?

Traditional food management challenges meet their match as we explore the realms of safety, efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainability. Unlock a world of opportunities from the farm to your fork and discover how digital food management pioneers are transforming supply chains.

Circular food systems
From Linear to Circular Food Systems

Pioneering the future with zero-waste and circularly designed food systems.

Let’s face it: our existing model of ‘make, use, and dispose’ is both inefficient and unsustainable. It’s time we transitioned to a circular food system that promotes resources efficiency, encourages the re-use of by-products and minimises waste.

Fighting the food waste battle
Fighting the Food Waste Battle

Combating food waste and revolutionising packaging.

The current food system doesn’t work for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t work for the environment. Not only do we produce food in an unsustainable way, but we also waste almost a third of it. So, how can we reduce waste at every stage of the food supply chain? From sustainable packaging to technologies extending the shelf life, we’ll dive right into it!

Regenerative agriculture
The Tech-Powered Future of Regenerative Agriculture

Harnessing technology for regenerative farming.

A regenerative food system goes beyond trends – it’s a call for transformative change in food production, benefiting both humanity and the planet. With sustainability as the past focus, challenges like climate change require more ambitious goals. Discover how regenerative practices aim to replenish and restore our interconnected food ecosystem.

The future of Agritech

The digital transformation of the agricultural sector is here.

There is no bigger industry than agriculture, as almost 8 billion lives depend on it daily. Meanwhile, food production must increase 60-70% in the next few decades to keep up with population growth. From data-driven insights to precision farming, discover how tech is reshaping the future of food production.

Food Tech Investment
Smart money talks

Ins-and-outs of investing from some of the world’s key investors.

Is now the best time to invest in food tech? We’ve invited prominent investors to offer insights into the market, revealing the ‘hot’ areas of innovation and those that are not as promising. Going beyond the early-stage investments that have traditionally shaped the sector, we will explore what investors seek when considering later-stage financing.